How to Consign - Closet Cleaning Tips



Let me help you make your closet full of clothes that make you feel good!


I like to go through my closet, item by item.  I like to start at the left and work to the right.  You can choose any direction you wish.  I use a 3 step approach. 

1. Here are the questions I ask myself during the first step. If the answer is yes, then toss or donate.


Is the item ripped, badly stained, or worn beyond repair?

Does it have little fuzz balls?

Has it lost its shape?

Is it a past trend?


2. Now it’s time for the second step:  If the answer is yes to all of the questions, you may keep it, otherwise, consign (be sure to complete step 1 and use our guidelines):


Would I buy it today?

Does it fit my overall style?

Do I like the feel of the material?

Does the cut suit my body and make me confident?

Do I have other things that I always choose over this?


3. For the third step:


I recommend that you turn all your hangers around facing the opposite direction and after you wear something, put it back facing the correct direction.  Next time you purge you’ll know what you’ve worn. This is also a good time to organize your closet by category and color to make finding outfits simpler.


What you wear speaks volumes about you!