Here is a copy of the CONTRACT

Basic Contract Terms:

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to price my items. I agree that during the consignment period, I will receive 40% of the selling price of items priced under $47, 50% of items priced $47 to $195.99, and 60% of items priced $196 and up. The selling price is after discounts and buyer’s fees. If your item sells online, there is a 5% online transaction fee charged to the consignor.

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to consign my items for 60 days. Formals, Semi-Formals, and Special Occasion are consigned for 6 months. Please mark your expire dates in your calendar.  After a grace period of seven days, they become store property and we have the right to lower the price, or donate them.

___I agree to leave my items at my own risk.  The store is not responsible for damage or loss. You still own your items and they should be  covered under your own insurance

___I agree to pay Consignment Cat $10 to setup my account. (This is waived for existing consignors.)

___ I agree that if I want Consignment Cat to call me to pick up items that didn’t pass inspection, I will allow them to deduct $1 from my account, otherwise they will be donated.

___I understand that I can keep up with my account balance by using my online consignor access invitation that was emailed to me and either; pick up money owed to me, or request to pay $1 and have a check mailed to me.

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to deduct $1 per month as a maintenance fee until I pick up the money owed to me . You may request for fees accrued during inactive months to be waived.