Here is a copy of the CONTRACT

___I agree to bring everything, pre-inspected, on hangers, with the exception of things that can not be hung. I understand that if I do not bring them on hangers, I can hang them with the store hangers after I arrive.

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to price my items. I agree that during the consignment period, I will receive 40% of the selling price of items priced under $47, 50% of items priced $47 to $195.99 and 60% of items priced $196 and up. The selling price is after discounts and buyer’s fees.

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to consign my items for 60 days. Formals, Semi-Formals, and Special Occasion are consigned for 6 months.

___I agree to leave my items at my own risk.  The store is not responsible for damage or loss.

___I agree to pay Consignment Cat $10 to setup my account.

___I agree that if I want Consignment Cat to call me to pick up items that didn’t pass inspection, I will allow them to deduct $1 from my account, otherwise they will be donated.

___I understand that I can keep up with my account balance by using my online consignor access invitation that was emailed to me and either; pick up money owed to me, or request to pay $1 and have a check mailed to me.

___I agree to allow Consignment Cat to deduct $1 per month as a service fee while I have items to sell or until I’ve picked up all of my balance, which ever is last.

___I agree to keep up with my expiration dates.  If I want my expired items returned,  I agree to pick them up within 7 days of the end of the consignment period or they will become store property. Note: If items are priced $50 and over, we will try our best to give you a courtesy call during your 7 day grace period.