1. Please Schedule an Appointment.

First time consignors should make an appointment, call 334-475-3334. It's $10 to set up a new account.

2. Prepare Your Items.

Please  go over our ABC’S Checklist very carefully.  Please bring as many things as possible on hangers.  It is much easier to process and it tells us you have taken the time to sort through them. If items are not on hangers, we will give you hangers and ask you to hang them when you arrive. Items will NOT be accepted in garbage bags.

Age: Items must not be more than 3-5 years old and not show signs of age such as fading, yellowing, or being out of shape.

Brand: Items must be a brand we accept. See our “Brands Not Accepted” list. We rarely accept items without labels. 

Condition: Items MUST be clean and in excellent condition. Check for the following: stains, soiling, deodorant marks, holes, pilling, wrinkling, fading, odors, loose or missing decorations, hem & edge wear, missing buttons, broken zippers, shrunken, stretched or pets hair

Items are consigned for 60 days (formals for 6 months), so please consider what people will be buying during this period when selecting your items to consign.

Spring Items: February—July 
Summer Items: March—July 
Fall Items: August—January 
Winter Items: November—December

FORMALS: Anytime

HOLIDAY Items: Holiday items must be picked up within a week after the holiday or they will be pulled an donated at our discretion. 

If you'd like to see a training video on this, copy and paste this link: